Picture-cards Museum

La Guida di Modena

Picture-cards Museum


103, Corso Canal Grande (Palazzo Santa Margherita)
Opening hours  wed-fri 10.30 am-1 pm, 4-7 pm
                           sat, sun and holidays 10.30 am-7 pm
                           mon and tue closed
Free admission
+39 059 2032919
See also Santa Margherita Palace°

Modena has been the world capital of picture-cards since 1961, when Giuseppe Panini, with his brothers Benito, Franco Cosimo and Umberto, founded the factory with their name.
Over the years, the brothers themselves have collected tens of thousands of printed matter of various genre, dating back from the 1870s. This fortune was donated to the Museum and continues to grow. Opened on the 15 december 2006, it is on the last floor of Palazzo Santa Margherita°.
Its collections are unique in the world in both quantity and value. On the walls, in sliding showcases, you can admire masses of printed material from every epoch (44,000 Liebig postcards, 43,000 stamps, more than 500,000 picture-cards and such like objects). Don’t forget the football players’ albums, of which the Panini was the first producer and continue to be the principal one. Temporary exhibitions are always on show in the Museum, dedicated to those objects, cards and the likes in which everyone (the Italians certainly) can remember his own history.


[Images by Maurizio Malagoli, courtesy of the Museum]