San Carlo Church °

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San Carlo Church °


Via San Carlo
Closed to the public
+ 39 059 421204

The church is in the same block as the historical boarding school (the ‘Collegio°°’) of the same name and by the University Palace°.
It was designed initially by Bartolomeo Avanzini and then by Gaspare Vigarani from 1664, inspired by San Carlo ai Catinari, a famous church in Rome. The dome (1770) was designed by Pietro Termanini.
In the interior there are several interesting works of art.
The imposing canopy on the high altar is a stucco-work by Antonio Contraversi and Antonio Traeri, representing the Theological virtues. The altarpiece by Marcantonio Franceschini is dedicated to the Milan plague of 1576 and was painted in 1699. In the choir chapel, Adoration by Giuseppe Romani. On the portal, San Carlo Borromeo and the plague-strickens by Sigismondo Caula (1670); in the right aisle paintings by Oliviero Dauphin and Francesco Stringa (XVII century) and wooden Crucified of the XV century; on the left two canvases by Francesco Vellani and a third one by Adeodato Malatesta (Sposalizio di Santa Caterina).
In the sacristry, furniture of the XVII century and Madonna by Francesco Stringa.
Nowaways the church is used for conferences.


[Images from 5 to 11 and 13 by Marco Ravenna, from "Il Collegio e la Chiesa di San Carlo a Modena" (Artioli Editore per Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna); number 12 by Gabriele Melloni]